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Texas A&M University Insect Collection (TAMU-TAMUIC)

The Texas A&M University Insect Collection (TAMUIC) is a land-grant-university-based collection of insects and related arthropods whose primary holdings are focused on the regional faunas of the south-central and southwestern United States and the northern neotropics, especially Mexico. As the oldest and largest entomological collection in Texas, the TAMUIC serves research, education and extension missions throughout the state, and particularly supports the diverse activities of the TAMU Department of Entomology. The TAMUIC has grown steadily through the years, especially in the last three decades, to become a major research collection with 2.6+ million curated specimens and holdings of more than 45,000 species. Approximately 10,000 specimens are loaned annually to systematics and biodiversity researchers around the world.

Contactos: Karen Wright,
Tipo de Colección: Preserved Specimens
Administración: Instantánea de datos de un base de datos local
última Actualización: 17 November 2021
Metadata Digital: EML File
Propietario de Derechos: Texas A&M University
Derechos de Acceso: Not-for-profit use only
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Texas A&M University Insect Collection. Occurrence dataset (ID: c5f3aab0-2391-4f7f-a256-22e5fae56848) accessed via the Biodiversidad de Guatemala Portal, /portal, 2024-04-13).
Estadísticas de Colección
  • 3,591 registros de especímenes
  • 2,966 (83%) georeferenciado
  • 807 (22%) identificado a las especies
  • 54 familias
  • 218 géneros
  • 164 especies
  • 165 total taxa (including subsp. and var.)
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